Community Update 2

December 23rd 2018

Mana Reserve System

As utility based abilities have become the next focus in kytharos, we've been thinking about the systems that should work around utilities. A system we came up with is the mana reserve system. Whenever a utility based ability is casted, if that ability required sustainable time then it will require a certain amount of mana to be reserved for the upkeep of that ability. This means that your overall mana will be limited for the duration the spell is active.

To see how much mana is being reserved while a spell is active, it will be visible as a different colour on the mana bar. We're also thinking if we should display the numerical value on there also, maybe this could be configurable through settings.

First Map of Kytharos

We haven't really mentioned much to everyone yet but we've been working on the first map of kytharos for a couple weeks now. We're currently within the white box phase of the map and are likely to keep it at that stage until after the next playtest. We want to see how people play in the up coming game modes that are being added and tweaking the vantage points the map may provide.

This next playtest will be absolutely crucial to the map and the gameplay we want to show off. This is a competitive game and having the map correctly balanced and fun to fight is important to us.

We're creating the map out modularily so the assets can be re-used in the future to create new maps and also to allow us to adjust and balance the map a lot easier without needing to go into any 3d modelling software. This means that any developer can just go in and adjust sizes as needed within less than 5 minutes.

The first map is aligned well towards our lore in Kytharos and will be a location in the world which is related to the collection of the scolls. There are many references to this location in our lore and we're hoping you guys will recognise it once you get your hands on the lore!

In-game Errors

We noticed during the last play test in October that people mentioned spells were cancelling for them for unknown reasons. This was actually an intended feature! Some spells will cancel upon movement however we didn't implement a way to notify the player that their spell had been cancelled. So this caused a little confusion.

Error messages have been implemented throughout the game to hopefully provide some extra information that may be useful when playing the game. If there are any general messages you would like to see in game then let us know in discord!

Death Update

So as some of you may know, from all the play test sessions we did, whenever you died, you would instantly spawn back in your own spawn place. We've now added a death animation upon dying before respawning. It's a small change but a nice one none the less! One of the quality of life improvements to really bring the game to life.