Community Update 1

December 8th 2018

Hello World!

Welcome to the very first official developer blog of Kytharos! We've had developer blogs in the past some time ago however we've never fully had a central place to have a proper blog since we had many across a couple sites, maintaining all of them correctly became a little tedious so having a central hub for the dev blog is perfect. Also those other dev blogs will basically be a copy and paste job from this site.

So we want to make these developer blogs frequent. The main reason why we want to have these blogs is because there can be quite some time between the game build test sessions that we hold publicly and inbetween those times, people who are following the game aren't quite sure what we're working on and get the impression that the project is dead or nothing is happening, so this is our way of keeping you guys updated and letting you know that we're going strong!

So, what have we been working on since the last build test that was ran on October 26? Well.. We've focused a lot on the utility tree, getting all the spells completed, so that it's not just basic projectiles been shot in the next build. We've also made a ton of fixes around the bugs found in the game - everyone was super helpful in showing us some wierd issues the build had so it was nice knowing what needed to be fixed asap. We've also made multiple general quality of life improvements in the game so make the general flow a lot easier for players. From here on, I'll be going on in detail what changes we're making and why we chose to do the things that we do. If you disagree with our decisions or think that there's a better alternative or maybe even agree with what we have going, then voice your opinions on our discord!


We've replaced how lighting was configured. Previously the lighting configuration was set up without any general thought process in mind as something temporary was in place. As most of you know, all the art assets we have in the game are placeholders so having some lighting set up wasn't really important at the time. Now that there is work being done on the new map, having a set default lighting in prepartion for the new map would be awesome, so we've done just that. It is very likely to change again but for now what we have is a start and it can only get better from this point on!


This is the first time we're introducing combat into Kytharos properly, and the goal here is to make this an iterative process. The core goal here is to get the core functionality of how combat will work in Kytharos. The challenge here is making this combat system work in unison with our spells system. At this stage we're already having to think about some balancing points where combat and spells may have to work equally well together. As you can imagine, we haven't got all of the spells in which will cause combat to be updated once we discover new things about the gameplay and tweak to our liking.

This first iteration of combat will mostly work with a combo system which will allow players to create unique combo chains in multiple directions, each swing is intended to lock you into the animation so every swing will be important! The combat is still in progress but below will give you an idea as to what we're going for.